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hello, everybody. i'm beth trout pan. it's time for great videos and the stories behind them. "right this minute." skydiving with infreightable toys. >> seems like a lout of fun. >> why it was until it led to a dead spin that led to this. >> wow! >> a store employee is sick of people stealing stuff, so -- >> he takes matters into his own hands.
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>> this was going to get overrun. fishermen spot something struggling in a lastic bag that turns out the be -- >> like a baby dolphin. >> see the rescue and the amazing way the dph >> oh, flipper. plus, want a new 42-inch flat screen tv? and when you think of places to pop the question -- >> you probably don't think of best buy. >> the touching story of the made-for-tv proposal. when you're an avid sky diver and you're comfortable in the skies, why not have a little fun? they decided to bring along their inflatable pool toys. we have rick winkler. he's a founder of he has an inflatable turtle.
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it seems like a lot of fun, that is, until the inflatable toy decides to wrap itself around your legs. sending you on an uncontrollable spin cycle of death. look at how fast he's going. >> oh, oh, oh, my gosh. >> he looks like he was going down a drain. >> he was doing about six revolutions a second. >> how ironic. an inflatable pool toy is something to keep you afloat, keep you safe. >> he said he was aware of his altitude. at about 1700 feet, he gained control again and is able to land okay. here we see him finally on the ground. but still, it had already caused some damage. >> oh.
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>> oh! >> oh! >> two black eyes and broken capillaries. >> from the g forces of spinning around so fast? >> yeah. >> looks like something from halloween. >> if this isn't gnarly, i don't know what is. >> videos like this are a clear repinder that you have to be careful with your trash. you don't know who or what it can endanger. there's a plastic bag. it's attached itself so a baby dolphin. >> oh, oh. >> i hate to see this. >> we're aboard a fishing vessel. some fishermen have spotted this baby dolphin with the bag around it. they're trying to catch the dolphin to break it free. the dolphin was like, i'm not going to make it easy on you. the dolphin swims away. do they give up? no. >> think about it. the bag might have been causing resistance for the dolphin, like
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dragging a bunch of weight. >> dragging a parachute. >> the second time around they make another attempt to catch him in the net and you can see how small this thing is. >> it's a cute little booger. >> it is. it's like, hey, hey, hey, i'm in a net, don't eat me. and they don't. >> he's so small. >> he is. he's precious. >> this little thing, once they have him by two hands, it's very still. watch how he thanks them. it's awesome. >> oh. >> even though they were fisherman, they threw it back out. ♪ do you guys remember anything from shop class? the lathe, power tool that spins metal or wood. you can carve the metal and/or wood while it's spinning. the teacher in my class always
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said don't wear anything loose. tie your hear back. don't wear long sleeves or loose-fitting clothing. i'm sure the man work in this video probably heard the same type of thing. was maybe forgot. you see it spinning there. they have a narrow rod that they're working on there. but, right here, he kind of reaches down the length, the sleeve, the cuff of his sleeve gets caught. watch how quickly he gets into trouble. [ gasps ] >> oh, my goodness. >> took it right off him. >> trstripped the shirt right o him. he goes underneath the piece of material that he's working on. at this point, the machine is still spinning. somebody shuts down the machine and a whole bunch of other guys come in to try and free this man. >> you see this poor guy's face. he looks like he's screaming in agony as the people are trying
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to help him. >> they're able to free him from the machine. >> face is bloody. that right arm has a blood injury, too. >> even if he rolled the sleeves up. that wouldn't have happened. >> this video from back in 2011. just now trending. a poignant reminder to be careful around power tools. we're celebrating this weekend by giving away a flat screen tv. >> you must be 18 years or older. >> the buzz word coming up in a little bit. your chance to wane 42-inch flatscreen tv. >> good luck, everybody. in the studio we're approaching a scene going down in the parking lot of a rite aid in columbus, georgia. the guy on the ground, the group is trying to keep on the ground. there's a reason why there's a group of people on top of this guy. he was caught stealing. he tried walking out of the rite
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aid with $318 worth of flat irons. the main person on top of this fella, identified as brent edwards, that's the bad guy, is this guy here, a rite aid employee. 19-year-old james barrett. he saw this guy, chased him down. listen to what james says as he has this guy down on the ground right here. >> so, i just lost my job, ladies and gentlemen. >> corp vat going to fire me for this. >> why did you apprehend him if they're going to fire you? >> because i'm tired of people getting away. >> yes, i'm tired of people getting away. >> 19-year-old james barrett is jo joining us to talk about this whole ordeal. today's his last day at rite aid, but not because of this incident. >> i'm moving to florida to become a corrections officer, actually. >> oh! >> you're perfect for the job then.
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>> thanks. >> so you didn't get in an trouble >> i have not heard back yet. for the time being, i'm not in trouble. >> have you seen people do this before? >> at least twice a week. other businesses have been getting hit with robberies. >> brent edwards, the guy, was arrested. he's facing shift, shoplifting charges. >> what are your friends saying. what are your parents saying. they're calling me batman. the vigilante. over all badass. it's flattering. but it's not me. >> i'm tired of people getting away. >> a wild bird flies to a guy's place 37 every day at 4:30, for travis to feed him. meet the dude just hanging with a hawk. and so far, so good on building that snowman. >> and he tries to pick it up. >> why that part, not so good. >> oh.
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we're on a roof top in the excelsior district in san francisco. a guy named travis is behind the camera. and this is his one-of-a-kind incredible amazing awe-inspiring encounter. that's a hawk. >> oh. lucki luckily, he put a little meat out there?
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>> yes. you're going to love the story behind this. he comes here every day for travis to feed him. >> no way. >> he's come up with a fame. this is hudson. hudson the hawk. >> how does he know what time? does he have a little hawk watch? >> maybe a swatch watch around his tall lon. >> how did it start if the first place? >> let's find out. we have travis via skype. travis, welcome to the show. >> what is happening? hey, guys. >> how did this start? >> i was going up to lock up one day before i left the house. the hawk was hanging out. i was like, whoa, it's crazy. i took a bunch of pictures the first time i was there. didn't expect to see it again. not even a week later, i came out it was on the lower deck. after that time, i decided i would go research what wild hawks eat.
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it's a red-tail hawk. they eat raw chicken and other things. i put out raw chicken for it and hoped it would come back. i came back one day and the chicken was gone. i knew it had come and eaten it. since then, i've been feeding it every day. >> how long has this been going on? >> two months now. >> why do you think it's attracted to your balcony? >> maybe it's a good vantage point. i caught video of it one time trying to catch something in the backyard. it's a juvenile. red-tail hawks have a high mortality rate. so they're opportunists in the sense that if you put food out for them, they'll be back to eat it. what if you're running late? does he wait. peck at your window? >> three occasions, it kicked my glass door to try to get me to come out and feed it. i call this the little boy
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who tried really hard. jeremy had just learned how to make a snowball. >> taught him yesterday. >> looks like he's trying to build a snowman in south carolina. and his family is observing this whole thing. they're giving us the commentary. >> there you go, buddy. >> i thing he's made his head too big. >> he's talking to himself. >> he's some what successful. the thing is getting bigger. >> he's rolling this thing around and around. >> the head is little. big now. he thinks he gets it to the right size. >> then he tries to pick it up. >> do it, do it. >> oh. >> he drops it. after he drops it, the most can see it in his body language. >> oh, i need to go out there and help him. >> he's like, i'll start over.
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>> oh, yeah. >> whatever. this is downhill skateboarding. we have seen videos like this before. these dudes have crazy skills. they're also going crazy speeds. this is william royce from alaska. this is in a race in brazil. a cool shot. a guy in front of him, his wuddy, lee, who is filming william. he's got a helmet. three pads. he's a pro. this is what this guy does. william get ts really close as he goes around this bend. watch right here. william starts to get the old wobble. >> uh-oh. >> the wobbles are never good. >> oh. >> down he goes. >> like he's sliding into home. >> the wobbles always win. >> he says he was going up to
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65, 70 miles an hour during this crash. like nick said, he had all the appropriate gear on. e learned what it's like to crash at 70 miles per hour today. stoked. crowds cheer as a driver gets ready for the first ever 360 barrel roll. >> done. >> see if he can finally stick the landing. >> and we've got the buzz word you need for your chance to win a flat screen tv.
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when you think of the perfect location for a proposal, you might think a beach, a gazebo somewhere. a mountain top. you probably don't think of best buy. >> oh, my god. >> at first, you're probably thinking that this is not a romantic proposal. but, in fact, it really is. you see a crowded best buy. and then suddenly, you hear train's "marry me." coming over the loud speerks. you notice that the same thing is playing on all of the televisions. [ cheers ] all of the people who are at best buy are the friends and family of alyssa, the bride to be. her love, frank, set up this
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proposal. if you keep watching and pay attention to the screens -- you'll notice that on them, pictures of their entire three-year relationship. six months into their relationship, frank was diagnosed with stage three hoge kins lymphoma. alyssa stayed by his side. threw chemotherapy. through several surgeries. at first, he went to times square. they said no. they couldn't do it. so he went to their local best buy in staten island. they said, of course, we'll do it. we'll make it happen. we'll do it free of charge. and, as you see in the video, she did say yes. >> just a little cherry on top, now, for their entire married life, every time they pass a best buy, they'll probably get flutters. a little romance. buddy loves to slide. >> oh, geez.
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>> go, bud, go. >> good job. ♪ >> yeah, buddy. one of our mottos here is videos first. this is the first ever 360 barrel roll stunt by a truck. this is adrian "the wild man" senny. whoa! >> you see the truck hit a ramp, catch some air. then it ltl kicker ramp on the left-hand side. that pitches the truck over. lands on its wheels perfectly. >> watch "dukes of hazzard." >> i'm embarrassed. >> this stunt all part of the
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competition in mexico. >> how many trucks do you have to go through to get this perfect. >> he tells us his secret. >> it's never 100%. you have to keep working and working and working. then you have to go for it. >> his first one ever? >> there was this roll that rob dyrdek did awhile back in his chevy. the ramp was curved that he went up on and the landing ramp was curved. this truck landed flat on the ground. i believe they're calling it the first ever 360. >> and in a much less controlled environment. >> yeah. ♪ it's time to give away a flat screen tv everybody. somebody is going to win. >> your chance so win a 42-inch flat screen tv. you feed today's buzz word. you have to be 18 or older and a u.s. resident.
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>> enter on our facebook page. go to the first post, tap on that mobile link if you're using a mobile phone or tablet. >> today's buzz word is blooper. >> click on the win a flat screen tv button. >> and then enter the word blooper. >> good luck, everybody. boy, are you two in trouble. >> who did all this? >> they destroyed an entire package of toilet paper. >> how the guilty looks give them away. >> look at me.
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i don't know how much this guy got for doing this. but i'll give you two 20 bucks each if you do this. >> let's see what it is first. >> we found this one on juking video. >> oh, my gosh. >> his head through that table. is there they're going to break his neck! >> which is a real stupid move, as if the first one wasn't. >> look at the girl in the background shielding her eyes. i don't want to see man die right now. >> a paper thin coffee table. >> hwhen he pulls his head back out, it looks like particle
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board. >> what does his face look like? >> a little bloody. >> i think the dumber thing is the guy who flipped him over. regardless, i'm not doing that for 20 bucks. catching the train, par course style. ♪ well, bad news. lionel and elly got themselves in big trouble. lionel in the brown, elly in the white. these dogs belong the molly barker and her boyfriend, julio. guess what? h there's a little dog shaming here. because they're in trouble. julio is behind the camera. listen. >> elly, who did this? look at me. come on, look at me. look at me. >> what was done? >> they destroyed an entire package of toilet paper.
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and also a plunger. >> who did all this? >> there you see the big mess. but lionel just burying his head down like, if i don't look at him, maybe he'll eventually leave. >> i wish i wasn't here. >> he knows he did it. he snknows he didit. >>roll. >> left one behind. >> they're in it together. that's what's so great about it. >> that's not what elly's thinking. she's like, i had nothing to do with this. we're in it together. look who the guilty one is. he's hiding behind you. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web this is the show for you. "right this minute." ♪ a truck drags a motor bike leaving -- >> this woman on fire. >> why she was so lucky to survive this one. you never know what your going to see. >> on public transit buses. >> the story behind the outburst/exorcism. firefighters are horrified to realize -- >> there is a dog present. that dog ised

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